Finance Manager at Osler Diagnostics. Educated at the University of Bath, achieving a first-class honours degree in Economics.

ACA Chartered Accountant.

ICAEW Subject (Business Strategy) and 2017 Professional Annual International Order of Merit winner.


Finance Manager

Osler Diagnostics, Oxford

May 2021 – Present

Osler is a UK-based diagnostics company whose purpose is to enable anyone, anywhere to access, understand, and act on their health, to live healthier, happier, and longer lives.

Osler has developed the Osler Origin – a ‘portable lab’ that can provide lab-quality diagnostics to anyone, anywhere, at any time. The Osler Origin will offer a wide portfolio of diagnostic tests and serve all major healthcare settings, globally.


PwC UK, Milton Keynes

January 2020 – May 2021

PwC Manager, based in the Milton Keynes office, with experience working with large listed Groups (FTSE 250) and large UK subsidiaries of overseas corporates (£1bn+ Revenue) from around the Midlands region.

Senior Associate

PwC UK, Milton Keynes

July 2017 – December 2019

Achieved Joint First Place and the Railton prize in the Business Strategy exam as part of the ICAEW International Subject Order of Merit during my studies for the ACA qualification. Achieved joint ninth place in the 2017 ICAEW Professional Annual International Order of Merit for performance across the Professional Level exams.

In 2017 I won the Milton Keynes Senior Partner Award, as part of the PwC Awards, for taking an active role to support junior members of staff and their development; going the extra mile to help my Peer Group, as well as senior members of staff on my engagement teams, and consistently delivering high quality work.

ACA Chartered Accountant.


PwC UK, Milton Keynes

September 2015 – July 2017

Associate working within the Assurance practice in Milton Keynes. Worked as part of audit teams gaining experience on multiple listed clients (FTSE 250), who operate across the world, and large UK subsidiaries of US corporates across a range of industries.

In 2016 I won the Milton Keynes People’s Choice Award as part of the PwC Awards for my efforts going far above the expectations of an AS1 and my work to support my Peer Group. In addition during my ACA exams I won multiple PwC awards for some of the highest exam results in PwC UK.

Previous Ventures

Aldred Applications

Interested in the process of developing iPhone applications, I taught myself the basic skills and then developed a series of iPhone applications. Requiring creativity to think of marketable ideas and problem solving in order to solve any technical errors, I have now released several apps for sale in the Apple App Store. Mainly educational, they have helped many students, receiving thousands of downloads.

Institute of Opinion

Co-founded a political blog where young people were able to share their views on political and economic issues. Managed a team of over 30 contributors and delegated roles to editors, while also writing content myself. During the time period which the website has running we revamped the website with brand new designs and worked with think-tanks and other organisations to increase the size of our audience. One of my articles was featured by a well known website, leading to over 3,000 views in 24 hours.

London Medway Airport

As an extension of Institute of Opinion, co-created brief plans and outlines for a major new international hub airport for the UK to solve the aviation capacity problem. The project attracted attention from local groups and individuals in the Kent area. Working together, we collected evidence and produced reports which were submitted to the Transportation Select Committee and the Independent Airports Commission. Following the Interim Report, LMA was considered credible and taken forward as part of the Inner Thames Estuary consultation.

Bitesize Promotion

Established my own business, a freelance iPhone and iPad application marketing agency – working directly with developers, providing consulting and marketing services, designed to helping to increase app sales. Developing relationships with clients from all around the world, I put clients first, managing to develop a good reputation. Having to meet tight deadlines means that good organisation was required. A key part of my work was to liaise with others on certain tasks in order to complete the work. Clients often returned for repeat business and recommended me to others, leading to a lucrative business.


University of Bath
Economics, Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) – First-class honours
2012 – 2015